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I am 67 & have had excessive sweating the last approximate 4 yrs. I was diagnosed with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis( interstecial). Later found to be extremely sensitive to all birds. In my 30's I was diagnosed with RA & fibromyalgia after r/o lupus. Then after menopause, in my 50's, type 2 diabetic. I have perpherial neuropathy since a back injury 1996, legs & feet. Feet always blue & swollen. 3 yrs. ago my hands & feet developed in curable, painful rash. Last year diagnosed with arthritis psoriasis. On Methotrexate for 6 mos & cured, but contraindicated with pulmonary problem. Lungs flared for 6 wks. & on Predisone. Then hand psoriasis came back with a vengenace. Developed etiology unknown tachycardia(160& up). My labs are normal for thyroid, HemA1C always below 6, chromosome marker for lupus shown ?. I am fair, always have facial extreme redness & flushing in heat. Always can't tolerate sun & heat. But now I can get out of a cold shower & start dripping sweat from head down. Sitting in chair, dripping. Cleaning house soaking. I am fatigued, in constant pain & frustrated. Please, I can handle all my other health issues, but this sweating is so depressing & ruining my life. Is there help out there for me? Meds.? Please help!

Your question is typical of many that come from ladies over the age of 50. In those cases an unexplained total body sweating comes without any necessary connection to outside temperatures, weight, excessive smoking, excessive drinking, multiple medications and normal labs. For those patients we unfortunately do not have good answers for this situation. Your case in particular represents an even more difficult problem because of what you described about your past medical history. You have few variances of RA and fibromyalgia type 2 diabetes and peripheral neuropathy. All of these illnesses are grouped under the heading of connective tissue diseases for which no definite answer is given. A variety of medications are on the market. Some of them have very serious side effects and might contribute to overall problem of body sweating. I am sorry that I cannot give you any definite answer but avoidance of an unhealthy lifestyle should only help in your condition.

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