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Yahoo Sympathetic Forum    Support and information on Sympathetic Disorders including Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) and Erythrophobia (excessive blushing). Aprox 105 + - members
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Body odor from hyperhidrosis. There's an all over body deodorant that is extremely effective by purebodyscent. It's also natural, no aluminum or hydrogenated oils or other toxic ingredients.

Thank you Liz,

If you find a product which is natural and does not contain metal (aluminum) and it gives good results for body order then you and others are more welcome to use it as an answer for body order resulting from sweat.

I went several years with the frustration of excessive sweating mostly on my face and head. I recently was diagnosed with diabetes 2. On my meds now about 2 months. The sweating is GONE!!!!!!
Im not saying anything except go to your doctor and get information. Dont find out your sweating is a symptom of something else.

It's great to hear that controlling your diabetes type 2 also helps with reducing the sweat. Indeed certain ailments such as diabetes obesity, usage of pain killers, thyroid malfunction, etc can cause excessive sweating especially on your face and scalp. You are right but if there is any underlying cause for the sweating it should be corrected. Essential or focal hyperhidrosis (palmar and plantar hyperhidrosis) on the contrary are not related to any underlying disease. Hopefully controlling your ailment will help you with the excessive sweating.

Hey all, I had HH of palms and feet and it was causing me a lot of trouble. Especially in contact with people (both business and in my personal life). I was once looking for solutions when I found Electro Antiperspirant. I have it for half a year now and sweating is gone. I thought I would share this with you as this awesome machine was introduced to me via other discussion board.

As said in many previous comments of mine any conservative measure that helps with excessive hand and or foot sweating is better than any surgical approach. If you are experiencing relief from your symptoms then you are encouraged to continue with those means. As a general rule the conservative or alternative methods typically do not have a great deal of success but having said that there are always exceptions to the rule. Medications, iontophoresis machines, lotions, botox injections have a very limited success rate and also the body may develop tolerances to those alternative methods. As long as help is obtained then the operation can be delayed.

I got prescribed 2.5mg of oxybutynin hydrochloride on Thursday, has anyone else ever been prescribed this?? Was just wondering if it works and how long does it take to work. I went for dinner this afternoon and had to leave my friends as I was so embarrassed and uncomfortable with the amount of sweat dripping down my face!! Help please!!

Generally speaking medications have different effects on different patients. The success rate of oxybutynin is not unified and at most it helps to some degree in some patients. The fact that in your case it did not help you could be because of the small amount circulating in your blood. You might need a few days of establishing a level in your blood and then look for results. If you see some improvement you can increase the dose but not to the level that it will cause you side effects and blurry vision and dry mouth. It should be known that there is no magic dose for all patients and it takes some experimental approaches by the patient. One can try taking it at night time so to avert some side effect that might come or early in the morning. There are no written rules about it and going back to the basic statement is the fact that overall success is limited. There are other medications in this anticholinergic group such as Robinul or Propantheline. Obviously the patient must discuss it with his/her physician.

Hi, I usually sweat a lot. It’s so embarrassing when we are in a party and meeting and we are sweating along with it.A friend of mine has suggested me to consult for Hyperhidrosis, treatment from a reputed dermatology clinic - The Centre for Dermatology in Toronto. Has anyone undergone this treatment before ? Suggestions and advices are welcome.

Thanks for the comment. Not knowing the extent or exact location of excessive sweating it is difficult to give you a good answer. Make sure when you talk to the dermatology clinic that you get precise answer with regard to the site of sweating that you have. There are different procedures for different types of local hyperhidrosis. Best of luck to you in your search for answers.

Hi, I have been suffering from Hyperhidrosis for as long as I could remember. The blog that I read recently, which is written by Beauti Med says that. Botox treatments are very effective in treating excessive sweating. Does that really work? I want to try it, but before that I would like to get a second opinion.

palms,on my legs,armpits,nose and forhead

I`ve had excessive sweating ,HH, of the hands and feet since puberty. I am now 56 and it has certainly helped shape the development of my personality and had a strong negative effect on my social life .As the years went by I became more and more of a recluse and I eventually avoided all social situations where I would have to meet people . The panic of having to shake hands . The worry about other people smelling my feet ...I thought that I had tried almost everything to try to control my sweating .I read about Botox which for me was way too expensive. In desperation i even considered ETS but the high chances of getting compensatory sweating scared me away, as did the price of the operation. Then I did some research about Iontophoresis and it read that it had a very high rate of success with getting people dry and keeping them dry .I decided to order iontophoresis machine and following the manual I did treatments every day for about 30 minutes and for the first six days nothing happened , if anything I felt like i was sweating more heavily than before .on the eveningg of the seventh day i noticed that my hands and feet were much less clammy and two days later I was completely dry ! I never believed it could happen,but it did !It's been five years now and As long as do my maintenance treatments regularly once a week , I stay dry . If I stop my maintenance treatments , I start to sweat again eventually and i have to start again from the beginning. Iontophoresis has changed my life- it is not a cure for hyperhidrosis ,it controls the symptoms - and I can heartily recommend it to others that suffer as i have from excessive sweating

It is known that a very small percentage of patients will benefit to a certain degree from Iontophoresis treatments. The vast majority of patients do not notice any improvement and the problem with these devices is the amount of time as well as the discomfort associated with using the machine. It is always good to give it a try but remember that the results vary.

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