Excessive Sweating & Hyperhidrosis links to resources on the net

Excessive Sweating Links

A list of relevant links across the internet that should help you in your quest to be more informed when it comes to excessive sweating:

Site Name    Site Description

Hyperhidrosis Treatment    A leading authority on hyperhidrosis, surgeon Dr. Rafael Reisfeld. He runs the most up to date and comprehensive site out there by a doctor concerning hyperhidrosis. Dr. Reisfeld is probably the most experienced hyperhidrosis surgeon practicing in the U.S.
esfbchannel.com    Online Community for those suffering from Facial Blushing, Excessive Sweating, and Rosacea
hyperhidrosis info.com    Great site with additional information on Hyperhidrosis.
Dr. Nase    Site for people who suffer from Rosacea.
Hernia Repair Los Angeles    Dr. Rafael Reisfeld is a board certified surgeon who has been performing hernia repair surgeries for the last 20 years.
Drionic.com    Only US site known to sell the Drionic product for both hands and feet.
healthfinder.gov    Government Health Information site. Updated frequently and very informative
Womens Health Care Topics    An online resource for information on women's health issues such as women's health, teen health, pregnancy, pregnancy pillows, and much more.
US Gov Medical Library    United States National Library of Medicine
Clinical Trials    US Gov information on clinical trials
NIH    National Institute of Health
Web MD    Online health information site very comprehensive
CNN Health Section    CNN news site with the latest news on health
CDC    Centers for disease control U.S Gov

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