Ditropan, Robinol, Probanthine excessive sweating treatments oral medications, hyperhidrosis treatment

excessive sweating treatments

There are various oral medications available known to be prescribed by some doctors to help treat hyperhidrosis.

Ditropan, Robinul, Probanthine

All these oral medications are from the same family of drugs. They have an anti cholinergic effect which in essence blocks the neuro transmission responsible for the production of sweat. The original function of these medications was to help with the treatment of gastric (stomach) ulcers. All of these medications are not specifically for hyperhidrosis but have been known to have the side effect of dryness. Among other side effects they can cause blurry vision, dry mouth, etc. The success rate is known to be very limited.

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Ditropan Website

Robinul Website

Gov Info Website

Other oral medications people use are mild sedatives for example Xanax. This is a very non specific medication that sometimes reduces the sympathetic overtone. Another type of medications being used is a group of medications known as beta blockers. Those medications are being used in the treatment of certain cardiac problems such as hypertension. They may also have some sedative effect on the adrenergic system which plays a role in the production of excessive hand sweating/palmar hyperhidrosis.

***As always consult with your doctor first when considering any treatment

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I take a high dose of oxycontin for chronic back pain but the side effect of the excessive sweating is horrendous and is really depressing what can i do apart from lowering drugs which i cant.

Any drug taken by any individual has positive effects as well as negative side effects. Each person will react differently for any given drug. In your particular situation I don't have the privilege of knowing your complete medical history, surgeries, body height and weight ratio etc. Oxycontin being a very strong medication can cause excessive sweating especially when it is taken with other medications as well. I believe that you suffer from total body sweating and not limited to the hands and feet so obviously no surgical solution will be recommended to you.

Hello i am currently on a fentanyl patch for chronic pain would taking a oral medicne for hyperhidrosis help with the sweating?

Hello Tami, different types of pain medications including fentanyl are known to cause sweating. It is a well documented complaint from patients who suffer from chronic pain and use different combinations of pain medication. The exact mechanism for their sweating it not known and adding anti sweating medications could be of help. You should discuss with a pharmacist if there is any contra indication to add the anti sweat medications to the current drug regimen you are on.

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