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OK I have never had hyperhidrosis until I was 37; I do remember when I was 34 and I had been taking Xanax and Hydrocodone and went completely off all of them. I was off everything for 3 months and I could not stop sweating it was really really bad. I then went back on a low dosage of xanax and low dosage of bufanefrone which is like subutex. I was also taking a low dose of prozac. When I went back on the Xanax and bufenefrone the sweating stopped. ZERO PROBLEMS. I even lived in Las Vegas where it was extremely hot and never had a problem. I moved back to OKlahoma and when i was 37 I didnt feel like i needed the bufonefrone or xanax or prozac. I was a great place in my life and had zero stress. I go off it and BOOM i am sweating non stop. I was off EVERYTHING for 5 months and no change in site. Worse then anything. I could be in a 60 degree room laying on my bed with zero stress and be sweating out of my feet, hands legs everywhere. It was unbearable. I went to dermatologist after dermatlogist. I was put on Robinol had ZERO EFFECT. I tried everything. Finally i went back to xanax and bufenofrine even thought i dont need them and now I sitll sweat. So i am taking these stupid drugs and i still sweat like crazy. I have no idea how to fix it. I dont want to take xanax or bufenofrine my whole life. I know I have secondary hyperhidrosis and I know that it has to do with the medications I was or am taking. The problem is if i go off the xanax i cant work because i sweat so bad it drenches my face. I know there is a correlation but the dermatologist cant figure it out and neither can any dermatologist. I know there is a fix for this because i have never in my life sweated like this unitl i went off those medications but now I dont know what to do because i am back on them but still sweating really bad I need any advice anyone can give me; Are there better dermatologists that I can see I really dont knw what to do; is there something else I can take orally that may help me. Anyone that has any ideas please help!!! I would really appreciate it.

Hi Chris, the clinical presentation that you describe is not typical of primary hyperhidrosis. Usually excessive hand and feet sweating start in a very early age. In your case it started at the age of 37 and was associated with some medications you took. I do not consider you as a candidate for any surgical intervention.

Hello, fellow hyperhidrosiacs. I was just diagnosed today!!! omg, I am so excited to be part of a group who understands my struggle. I have been self-consciously suffering for the past year and a half. Now that I know I have this condition, can anybody give me some advice on how to maintain and embrace this new part of me. I have heard of hand deodorants to sooth the moisture but is that just a myth? All comments will be sincerely appreciated and welcomed into my sweaty open arms. THANK YOU!

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